sábado, 12 de dezembro de 2009

News, Culinary and the Problematic guy you already Know.

Recently i've had some peace, for my mind, and for my heart, i'm not caring anymore about love, at least for now.

I've been keeping my physical exercise routine (wich ended up being and awesome idea to clean up my
mind from poisonous thoughts, doubts, and angers), i also got hooked again into an old addiction i used to have, thankfully it's just cooking (soon later i'll post the recipes).

I've had a fight with my father recently (nothing but the usual), and i'm taking a conclusion about family and it's relationships: i'm not made for them. - and as soon as possible i'll find a way to live by my own, and
stand alone, tranquil.

As you get older (if you're like me), you start to notice that people around you will start getting more selfish as the time passes, and as soon as you notice, you can't trust anyone you thought you knew, it's hard when things get this way but i haven't find a solution for that problem yet.

And sometimes, for the more unbelievable as it seems, someone up there, finds a way to give me hope.

I'm too old to cry for such simple things, but i almost did that day, i was really sad, and then a rainbow shows up in the sky (god dammit, i'm too fucking sentimental).

Now to the Culinary part, i'll post two recipes, wich a lot of people here at home aproved, and are very simple to make, yet, undescribably good.

I've used what people usually buy lots here, herbs, tomatoes, pasta, and other stuff that you probably should have at the end of the month in your fridge.

Here's the first recipe, a Simple Italian Pasta, with a not so Ordinary Italian Tomato Sauce.

I usually do this recipe better when it's supposed to serve two people, but if you have the patience, you can double the ingredients, and spend some more time with the preparation of them.

Ingredients (2 - People):
- 4 Fresh Italian Tomatoes (the ones that look like little bottles)

- Olive Oil
- Pasta, the type you (or the person you're serving) likes best.
- Dried Oregan, Fresh Salsa and Aipo, and of possible Fresh Green Olives.
- Butter, Frying Oil, and Salt.
- Flour.
- Onion.

1 - Step:
Pick the 4 Tomatoes, and shape Two Crosses (one at the top and another at the bottom) with the knife, then put only Two of them to boil, to make things go quicker (and have a fresh flavor), boil the pasta in another pan, with Water,
a little bit of Frying Oil, and a small pinch of Salt.

2 - Step:
While the 2 Tomatoes and the Pasta are boiling, cut some Onion and some Herbs and put them together, at the same time, cut the Olives, making some rustic shapes (rustic food), also leave some of them intact.
Check to see if the Tomatoes and the Pasta are ready, if so, the Tomatoes skin will be detaching, and if throw some of the pasta on the wall, it will stick (remeber that the pasta isn't supposed to look like "paste", make sure it's on a good consistance.

3 - Step:
Fill a recipient with very cold water, and then put the two Tomatoes in there, after some minutes, you can peel them off, right after that, with the water still boiling, put the other two Tomatoes.
Dry the Water from the Pasta, and then, put some Butter, Salsa, Oregan, with a bit of Olive Oil, mix it for 5 minutes in a low temperature.

4 - Step:
Cut the Skinless Tomatoes, into some medium shapes (to give texture to the Sauce, or the "Sugo"), mix with the herbs you have cut before.
By this time the Pasta might be ready, so cover the pan, and let it rest (this way, it can take the flavor of the herbs).

5 - Step:
When the other two Tomatoes are ready, peel them off too, but instead of cutting them, smash and make a sauce, mix it with other Tomatoes and Herbs, and put them to boil with Flour, and Olive Oil, Salt, and the Green Olives.

6 - Finale:
Put the Pasta into the plates, the Sauce must be tasting like Tomatoes but with the small touch of Herbs, not too salty.
Pour the Sauce over the Pasta, and serve it with some Oregan, and Olive Oil.

The other recipe is very simple, but really Cute, It's called Red Egg.

Ingredients (1 - Person):
- 2 Eggs.
- 1 Tomato.
- Salsa, Pepper Sauce.
- 1 Onion, Cheese.
- Vinegar, Salt.
- Oregan, Olives, and Olive Oil.
- Burger Meat.

1 - Step:
Wash the Tomato, cut it in a half, take off it's insides, and then cut it into small Cubes.
Mix it with Salsa, Pepper Sauce, Burger Meat, Sliced Onions and Olive Oil.
While you mix the ingredients, boil the Eggs.

2 - Finale:
Make a small cake, using the help of a metal can, with the mixture we made, and then cover with some more Olive Oil, and some sliced Olives, take off the the Boiled Eggs from their shells, and place the in the middle of the "Meat Cake" we made, then decorate with Cheese, Oregan, and Salsa Leaves, after that sprinkle the meal with some Vinegar.

Bon Apetit!

That's all for today folks, later i'll show the sketches i've been drawing to base the Tattoo i'll be getting next year.