quinta-feira, 29 de outubro de 2009

Tomorow Comes As A Placebo

Today i've decided to fake my happyness until it looked as if i were really happy, and it worked!
Seems like a good night of sleep and some advices from a friend made me wonders, at least i know of one thing for sure:
To hell with my love, i'll just keep being promiscuous untill the time is right to make my move towards her, for now on, i'll be happy with the girls god gives me, and enjoy the small amount of pleasure i can give/get from them.

I was unnable to keep my physical exercise routine today, since i've been doing it the whole week, without resting, or eating well.
But, even though, i was able to do the exercises for 40 minutes, wich is almost what i usually do 1 hour and 20 minutes every day.

It still hurts when i think about everything that made me sad, as i expected, this kind of problems will not go away so easily, also, that means that my heart will not be able to feel better, until i get the oportunity to look at her eyes again(I just hate when love starts to make sense, 'cuz i feel left out, as if i weren't human, or born without the right to love).

I've listened to some music, watched the latest South Park episode, and composed some songs, still no masterpieces, but i feel that i just need a little bit of inspiration, maybe tomorow i'll come up with a cool song to share.