sábado, 2 de julho de 2011

A Devil's Tongue

One might spend his whole life thinking of ways to change his own fate, others just chase blindly what awaits them beyond the door, i like to shape my own destiny to my will.

Many would think it's quite impossible to play with these things, although, i'd say it's easy as a game of chess. After a certain amount of time playing with the same opponent, you come to realise the pattern of it's moves, with nothing but the king, the priest, and the queen, you'd be left to die in the board, however, it takes a desperate sight, to conclude that those are the most mobile pieces, and you just had your way cleared of the lowly peons and unworthy knights.

Takes a will of iron, and a swift hand of steel, to prevent the incoming losses, yet at the same time advance to point your sword to the neck of the opposing sovereign. With all your might, you have only one chance in this fight, it's only one chance in this life.

As some say, i do have a devil's tongue, and i can't help but thank the one whore who gave me birth, and stained my mortal existance with the dark tones of sin, who taught me everything that is unforgivable in the eyes of God.