sexta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2009

A Huge portion of Doubt with extra Anger, please?

Another day, trying to forget the yesterday, at least i'm a little more confident to keep my head on top of my neck, instead of just a cloud of disperse problems.

I still can't seem to understand the situation, i always tell people that life without mystery isn't fun at all, but i just wish mine was a little less mysterious, and more pleasant.

I don't know why do i bother thinking about this stuff, at least the blog is turning into my new adiction, even knowing that no one reads it, i feel good letting all that stuff out, it's almost as if i could put my face away from the horrible life i live, and take one good, long and refreshing breath out of all the mess.

I decided to skip the physical exercise routine just for today, since i'm tired, and i'm getting a few good results, i'm a little more healthy and my body is better defined than before, probably it's something that requires persistance, gladly my persistance is stronger if we are talking about physical activities.

But as time seems to pass, i can hardly smile, almost everything disapoints me, i can't enjoy food as i used to anymore, games aren't fun, jokes doesn't have the same feeling as they used to, am i destined to be unhappy?If i could simply rest inside a dark tranquil place, or loose my feelings, maybe the problems could go away.

It's really hard to deal with life when it starts to get REALLY bad, some say that one day, i'll get twice the sadness i've had, in amounts of joy and happyness, some others, that i'll look over everything that happened and laugh, i don't know what to believe, and even if i should believe, but one thing is for sure, i'm not even close to laughing right now.

I just hate my life.