terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

First Post, Artwork for Depression, and Today's Inner Thoughts

So, this is my first post in this blog, and i hope not to be the last one.

I've been a little sad with my life lately, disapointed with really big lots of stuff, and the fact that soon i'll be turning into a man and getting responsabilities, problems, bills, credit cards, work, and more frustating stuff.

The depression i feel is something really interesting, since it inspires me to be more honest and express myself better in whatever i do.

And so, here are the drawings i've done related to my depression.

These drawings("Amateurly" made with MS Paint and edited in Photoshop) are related to the feelings i've felt recently, love, doubt, loneliness.

Since nothing in my life happens the way it was supposed to be, i'm in love with a girl that i'll only be able to have her if a miracle happens, too bad, is that i'm starting to think that they don't exist.

About love, well, when i was young, i thought it didn't
really exist, then that i was unnable to feel it, and now, i know what it is, how does it feel, and what's like to be in love.

Different from passion(wich is an obsession), love is that feeling that fills your heart with hot cotton, and makes you feel dizzy, and the time you have, you only spend thinking about this person.You don't want to have her for you, you just want to stay close to this person, so you can feel more dizzy.

It's when you want to protect her, and probably, you would give your life without asking, if her's were to end.

But the worse, is that when we looked at each other eyes we stand there for a minute or two, but it seemed like the best time of my life, and after that we simply couldn't stay an inch far from each other, seeing her go after that, made me feel bad, specially, because she's already got an asian asshole as boyfriend, who aparently is retarded.

That made me feel good for noticing that she likes me too, but also made me sad, 'cuz the circuntances aren't going on my direction.