quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

Even More Depressed, and Confused

Last night i slept well, no dreams, no nightmares, but waking up was bad, the feeling of emptyness made me sick, and so i've had to take some medicine.

I'm very tired of everything related to me, nothing goes well, nothing makes me happy anymore, and just like i've already said, a f*cking million of times, i can't seem to find my purpose in this life.

Besides that, the problems doesn't seem to go away, the "eye" that judges me is back again, it's a metaphor, but i've made a few comics once to explain how i felt, luckly my depressions stopped after i've made them, but since it always come back to me even worse, i'll probably make new comics.

I'm really angry, sad and disappointed about my life, my actions, and so, i'll probably need time to think and find inside me that thing that always makes me fake my feelings, and smile to everyone.

Here are the comics, but i don't know if i am in the mood to continue them.