sexta-feira, 20 de julho de 2012

Back in the Dark Place, aren't we?

Don't you just love when life decides to crush your dreams in a finger snap, quick and swiftly making you depressed and feeling hopeless?

Well... I don't.

When i come to think of the way i want my life to be, i see a beautiful sepia dream, with bright lights, soft tones and sweet, sweet serenity. And when i stop to think of how can i get there, and the obstacles i would have to cross in order to achieve this dream, i suddenly start panicking inside my head, in a quiet despair that goes along for just too long.

It's no surprise everything seems more dificult to me than it does to anybody else, considering the amount of disapointment i've already experienced in my life, the simple act of taking a step forward always fills you up with more than a generous dose of doubt, impotence, weakness and so on. I couldn't simply put on words what if feels like to take a chance, knowing you're already going to fail, hoping for a miracle, and then, you just lose, that's the easiest way to explain the déjà vu that is my life.

Anyways, like always, i'll be showing something i wrote.
This time, it's somewhat of a prayer that i'm going to get engraved on a ring, so i can remember it when i need to.

The Lone Soul's Prayer

In the End of this Life,
may Death set me apart,
from the Pain and Sorrow,
that inhabits my Soul.

When my Time here is over,
may Death bring me Closer,
to Friends i Care for,
to the ones i Loved so.


The line of thought of today is:
"The colors of the sky reflect the world. The sky is red like sin"