terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

A Little Candy for the Eyes, and some Music for the Ears...

Here's a song, literally illustrating the post i made a while ago, about the "Boy-Toys".
Pratically, i feel exactly like the Coin-Operated Boy (only that people is so cheap these days, that i would be more of a Coin-Distribution Boy).

Anyway, its good music, check it out, i would feel like posting the video, however, since the (THIS SHITTY) blog is cuts the video in half and you can only see the left side of it due to the space for the posts, i leave the link and hope you guys watch it.

Dresden Dolls - Coin-Operated Boy:

...shitty blog, can't even post a damn video here...


More poems/Living the Everyday Life

These days have been quite tranquil recently, however, as i'm born by the arcana of the wheel,
i'm always aware that the tide is about to change at any minute, and God help me if i've gotten too soft.

But since i've learned to not give up easily, i'll try fighting and standing my ground the best i can, to keep the few good memories, even if it takes bruises and scars, i'm ready for it.

Still, the poet will always be the same old poet, and writting is something i've been doing a lot recently, to keep away me from my "platonic disapointments" and the crude cruelty of life.
I have been drawing and playing flute as well, however, with my cellphone memory card not working, and my old computer broken, it will take a good while before i show the graphical stuff.

Somehow(even if it's a bit off topic), i managed to get female company(really good looking ones by the way) for the last weekend, and God, i didn't knew that i'm still in the love game, either they've lowered dramaticaly their requisite patterns, or (most unlikely) i must be the clint eastwood type, who only get's better as time passes.

Anyways, no more delay, here we go with two more poems.
Hope you enjoy.

The Sickness Story

Another man dies today,
it seems to be the newspaper's talk
still, death is innevitable,
something nobody can take fault.

They say it was unfortunate,
that he died on the streets,
i say "how rude of him,
to depart like that.
The plague is not the culprit,
but is the man who feeds the rats"

The Port stenches of death,
and the air is itself a putrid lament.
The Sick pray to get better,
and the Healthy pray to stay absent.

When will they all learn,
that pain is the only way to understand.
Life is something you can give,
but is 'so something you can take.

And so on goes the story,
of how the plague brought me the glory.
Of how a Man became the Doctor,
and how the Doctor became story.

Fear of God is not the same as Faith,
save your confessions to the Lord,
yet please, don't remain this way,
you got yourself another day, gentleman,
so make good use of it, before it's too late.

Clocks and Watches will still show time,
but what's time to you?
Is it Living life afraid,
While still there's a whole life passing in front of you?

So the dead must be remembered,
but the living should never forsaken,
since it only feels done,
when you live your life every second until the end.


Tears in the Dark

I was in love with you,
i had my dream come true,
but now i am through,
remembering you...

I had plans for you,
i have believed in you,
and now in the rain,
you leave me again...

Tears in the Dark!

It was bound to end from the start!
Like a game,
such a shame,
on my heart.

Tears in the Dark!

Our love has faded so fast,
now in the past,
at last.

Now i belong alone,
my life is monotone,
i'm at the bone,
singing this song...

Now i'll live alone,
i'm sure that life will go on,
with only myself,
and nobody else...

Tears in the Dark!

It was bound to end from the start!
Like a game,
such a shame,
on my heart.

Tears in the Dark!

Our love has faded so fast,
now in the past,
at last...

To get some rest...


"Life is just another day dying in the sunlight"