terça-feira, 26 de abril de 2011

Exams are fine...BUT NOT WHEN IT'S COLD!

It took me sometime, and some strength of will to make me write here again, however, this time i'm not sad, nor depressed, i'm tired, and lazy...and sleepy, that all being said, 'cuz the temperature felt a lot over here, and since i'm the kind of person that "hibernates", i would really enjoy staying at home, filling myself with food, and sleeping, that being possible, if i weren't in the middle of the first exams, in my stupid school.

Say, it's quite anoying that it doesn't snow over here, since i could use an excuse to stay at home, and still delay the exams, but, i consider it a rare possibility since i'm rather the unlucky type.

So here we go with another poem, i've done, and was made to represent the susceed failures on my "dream-only" realationships, hope you like it.

Pale White to Cobalt Blue

The sky is dark again,
a smog of pitch-darkness fills the air,
pillars of thick black clouds,
and a storm shows my pain.

Woman, you should 'ave better learned,
not to play with fire,
a grown man's heart is as thin,
to crumble with desire.

And i was just a little fool,
a piece on your game,
now i am useless to you,
i'm the one to blame.

Boys and girls,
sing this song,
before they go to bed,
the roulette rolls,
so by the morning,
they're not dead.

So were my expectations,
when i asked you for pardon,
you closed your eyes,
and kissed me Darling
i called the feeling,
my "free-falling".

Well how was it Darling,
is the taste sweet,
now that i'm a man who can't breath,
who can't love,
who cannot sleep,
now that i am a Man who can't live?

Your vengeance was just,
so explendid,
the poison stained my veins.
From pale white,
to cobalt blue,
the venon painted my brain.

And here laid cold, in this grave,
i repeat myself, and repent for my sins,
don't waste this life, searching for love,
just live, and try to love yourself.


...i should start listening to my own advices, someday...