sexta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2009

Pictures, Thoughts, and a clutch of Handy Advices.

Well first i'll be posting the pictures i promissed earlier, they don't look that neat( because i haven't used the miraculous Photoshop), but they show my happyness, so it's almost like a rare treasure.

I also decided to talk to my brother and ask why he "stabbed me in the back" like that, turned out, that my father was guilty for starting to lecture me, without knowing what was going on in first place (i warned you all before, he's stupid), but at least i don't have to hear my father babbling about putting me into a psychatrist, neither to stop using internet.

I was thinking about the meaning of the word "Boy-toy" a recent term to that younger guys that celebrities date.

A "Boy" isn't a "Man", so let's assume he's just an "Overgrown Boy", he's probably playfull, innocent in certain ways (boys aren't 100% innocent, when i was young the first thing i did when i learned how to climb chairs, was to get the porno video over the wardrobe[good times]), and easy to please.

Toy probably means their function, girls like trouble (by that i mean, they really like to make naughty stuff [they find pleasure in that]), and so they like to manipulate someone to do the dirty job, while they watch and laugh (Boy-toys, they're just like OC, but you can watch it live).

Considering a few relationships i've had, i'm starting to think, that i'm a "Boy-toy" too, girls only treat me the way i'm supposed to, when it comes to money or sex, and that anoys me, i wonder if the whole "boy-toy" thing is just a fashion, or if it exists since the beggining of the times (oh, how i wish love was true...).

But anyways, i also took a walk over the computer and tecnologic commerce, and usually the etinic groups that work in there are mostly composed of Asians, Jews, and Arab people(wich i descend from).

Asians, treat you really bad, no matter what you ask, they will hardly answer(they can't really, they can hardly speak the current country's language), and they just want you to buy something, give them money, and go away, in that cases, go with an asian friend, they tend to treat you well, if you let them manage the trade.

Jewish people like to earn money, so don't ask much questions, buy more and they will treat you better (as long as you keep spending money).

Arab people want you to buy things cheaper, and come back when you need to buy more products, so just talk to them, and the longer the talk takes, the cheaper it will cost.

I hate cliches, but hey! The world is made over them.