quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Family, the group of people that REALLY don't care about you.

Yesterday was a boring hot day, nothing to do, people being naturally anoying, until the problems started.

My stepbrother(usually a good person, but this time a fucking asshole) got angry 'cause i said a joke about his "addiction" to lie, since he does that to never get problems to himself no matter what it costs, he decided to lie to my father(wich is a good person too, but normally he's a complete idiot that points me as the cause of all the problems that happen, because, he doesn't know me, 'cuz the time he could be raising me and my brothers, him and my mother just left us alone), and the first thing that came to his head is that i was wrong, and my stepbrother was right, without even knowing anything, so i said "mind your own business" and he got angry with my tone, i believe that i can use that tone, since i raised my brothers almost alone, while my mother was spending her husband's money, and my father was living his life away from us.

Then i said that he couldn't talk to me like another ordinary kid(if ordinary kids always are guilty for random things that happen), because he didn't even bother to know more about me and my brothers, since he never took care of us, that made him angry, but i just ignored him, and shouted like a little spoiled kid.

The conclusion i've had is that family isn't what they (used to?)teach in school, family is a group of people, trying to spend less money, increasing the taxes of humiliation, and taking away all the privacy and tranquility of the individuals, my father doesn't know anything about me because he weren't there when i needed someone to take care of me, and he simply can't assume that, even if it's just obvious, the same goes to my stepbrother, who simply can't get problems to himself, and so, he points everyone around, no matter who or what, i guess people these days aren't worth of trust anymore, not even inside your own family.