segunda-feira, 2 de novembro de 2009

Trips come in Handy

Last weekend i went to an old country-style city not far from where i live, it's a nice place, considering some important things that probably apply in similar cases:

- People are a little ignorant, the way they'll treat someone from the city depends on how they look, and since i look like a mix between a Typical North American Redneck and a Geek that likes Rock, the way people looked and treated me oscilated a lot, the local girls seemed to enjoy my look, even the ones older than me.
Older people got shocked by the "not-so-conventional" way i have to dress myself, and so, they seemed to evade me(wich is a good thing since i went there to get away from people).

- The city sleeps as the sun goes away, and so, there's nothing else to do after 6PM, you'll probably want to bring a pc with you, or a handheld, or else, you'll end up taking sleep medicine.

- Prices are very cheap for almost everything, i took advantage of that to buy some acessories like cowboy hats, leather belts, wristbands, and etc.

We(my brother, my father, my mother, and me) went into a rock concert, a rock band called "Rockin' Trio" played a lot of know songs from the 80's - 90's, good stuff, but i got too tired since i walked in the sunllight, trying to find things to buy(and girls to...i didn't had to mention that), and so i went to sleep in the middle of the show.
But the conclusion i've had from the show itself, is that, it is directed to those that want a good time(dance, drink, sing), but without having all the anoying problems of a big show in the city.

I took some time for myself on sunday night, to think about my last problems and(check to see if the condoms[wich were medium size] fit, and for my surprise, they were too small for me!) stuff that happened last week, and ended up with a conclusion:

I'm too young(yet very mature to have such problems and thoughts) to lose the time i could be enjoying a little more with myself, dedicating my feelings and my heart to someone that doesn't even know that i exist, unless i wave right in front of her.

That no matter how bad i feel for not having her, i'll still be the person i am(proud of sometimes...and other times ashamed), the guy that can't even put his feet out in the streets, and the girls(no matter how old, they're, they'll still be girls for me) will look at the bulge in his pants and treat him nice, the boy who likes games filled with violence, and yet, loves refined art.

Well, there's a lot more to tell about myself, but i guess it's better to save it for later.
I'll post some pictures of the show as soon as a i get them.