domingo, 7 de fevereiro de 2010

New Year, but the same Poet Heart.

It's been a while since last time i wrote in here, guess i'm back to the sadness it originated from.

Nothing much happened in during the time i've been away, now i'm back "trying" to socialize with people, but i guess i just don't have what it takes, maybe i'm too frail, or maybe i was born to get hurt, i don't care after all, it makes me angry to think this way, even thought it's just another undeniable truth.

It's almost like as if i live in another paralel reality in wich every feeling is so simple that i turns out too complicated for me to understand, people just keep hurting me, disapointing me with every single breath they take, using their time to make actions without knowing the consequences they will cause to the others.

Besides my emotional problems that NEVER go away, no matter how much i try, i'm also dealing with a bloodline problem, it seems i inherited more from my mother than the nose or the smile.

In the first two months of this year i discovered that can absorb people's memories, and see them in the form of dreams, my brother was the one who discovered this ability on me after i dreamt of a place and a person that only he knew.

Also, as if other people's memories weren't enough, my body is able to receive spirits like a medium, but it only happened once, and i don't have much information about that, but one thing i know for sure, my mother just wasn't happy enough to destroy my whole childhood, but also, to share such useless and anoying things with me, i hate my life.

At least some people are recognizing some talents i think i have, like drawing, or writting poems, thought, i doesn't change how bad i fell for being me every day.

I wrote a poem today, just about something that happened.

A Poet's Heart:

A Poet's Heart is frail, but it has it's value.

A Poet's Heart is carefully crafted in dust, it's a very rare and precious work of the nature.

But the Poet's Heart is a thing that doesn't belong to anyone after all, since he's too weak,
it can't be hold by anyone, neither go against the wind, as it turns to nothing so fast.

And the more it want's to belong to someone, the more it feels lonely, locked away, and useless.

Well hope you guys like it, since for me, it's just way i fell recently, nothing more but a feeling, a hard one to bear with.

Well, anyway, bye.