terça-feira, 2 de agosto de 2011

Straying Far

Oh well, hello there people, how were things in the mid-time?Personally, i don't give a bird's shit about that, and it might seem to be rude of me to behave in such manner, although most of individuals, passerbies, protagonists, antagonists and the like treated me the same way as shown on the lines above.
This last weekend i got to think about it for the 15 minutes of my half-an-hour bath (usually the only time of the day i get to think about stuff that doesn't concern n'or changes my repetitive life, in a philosophical analisis), surprisingly, the subject made me ask myself of how would it be if i tried that behavior for the sake of experimental purposes, also known as "Being Bored".
I made it through today, precisely 2/5 of the weekdays carrying the selfish, egocentric, and acid mindset, pretty much it resumes as an exercise (of course not for the unstable of heart or mind), of changing your "viewpoint" for the period of five consecutive days, acting like the usual, but in moments of reflection about practically anything that comes to your head, you observe them and describe, in a notepad or notebook, as a person of the choosen mindset would do.

Now, the whole experience is not a terrible way of putting yourself into someone else's shoes or at least understand how do you view those who think "that way". I for example picked the one i like to call "Parallel Citzen", "parallel" for the fact it completely ignores the action-reaction happening around him almost cynically, leading him to believe in a self-generated lie that the world does not influentiate neither changes it's life.
I always had the curiosity of understanding why those people actually seem to be a lot happier than me, because in their tiny-little brains, they just fake every kind of alibi to prettend they don't have anything to do with anyone, not even the basic human ethics of life, society, classes, hierarchy and so on.

And for my surprise i'm on to something with this, i'm starting to understand the explanation for those things, and sadly, i'm liking what i'm getting to.

Let's hope i don't end up like them, i can only hope.

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